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Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends - 100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends

Essence of Wellbeing’s Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends are synergistic blends of our pure essential oils, formulated for a range of everyday applications to help relax or refresh, stimulate or calm, help to focus or even for meditation.  Use them at home, at work, when travelling or anywhere you need some aromatherapy help.

All of our Pure Essential Oil Blends are unique to Essence of Wellbeing and all of our Essential Oil Blends have all been developed and formulated by our qualified Aromatherapist Wendy Mackay. Plus you can buy with confidence knowing you are buying the best quality pure essential oil blends at great prices from a trusted supplier to aromatherapy practitioners and therapists.

Essence of Wellbeing Pure Essential Oil Blends are perfect for use with an aromatherapy vaporiser or diffuser or even in an Aroma Inhaler. They may also be added to our carrier oils or unscented massage oil to create massage blends.

(Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for our essential oil blends on request with your order.)

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Breathe Essential Oil Blend
Breathe Essential Oil Blend is a calming clearing blend of essential oils chosen for their traditi..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Clarity Essential Oil Blend
Clarity Essential Oil Blend is the perfect blend to use to counter that late afternoon slump or to..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Cleanse Essential Oil Blend
Cleanse Essential Oil Blend is a cleansing detoxing blend - use to clear and freshen the air or to..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Energise Essential Oil Blend
Energise Essential Oil Blend is a warm invigorating blend of essential oils, designed to increase ..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Goddess Essential Oil Blend
Goddess Essential Oil Blend has been created specifically for women and its warm, sweet and earthy..
Ex Tax: $29.09
Happy Kids Essential Oil Blend
Happy Kids Essential Oil Blend contains two of the most popular essential oils for children. ..
Ex Tax: $19.09
Romance Gift Box
A romantic gift perfect for Valentine's Day. Show them how much you care.   This gift pac..
$50.00 $45.00
Ex Tax: $40.91
Harmony Essential Oil Blend
Harmony unique blend on essential oils designed to bring a sense of calm and balance to any atmosp..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Meditation Essential Oil Blend
Meditation Essential Oil Blend is a wonderfully soothing essential oil blend that helps to slow th..
Ex Tax: $24.55
Peace Essential Oil Blend
Peace Essential Oil Blend contains a blend of deeply relaxing essential oils making it the perfect..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Refresh Essential Oil Blend
Refresh Essential Oil Blend is a fresh invigorating blend to revive and lift the spirits. Great in..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Relax Essential Oil Blend
Relax Essential Oil Blend is the perfect blend to help to unwind at the end of a long day. It can ..
Ex Tax: $20.91
Romance Essential Oil Blend
Romance Essential Oil Blend is an exotic blend with a rich sensual aroma, to excite the mind and a..
Ex Tax: $25.45

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