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Arnica Infused Oil

Arnica Infused Oil
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Arnica Infused Oil (Arnica montana) - Pure Natural Infused Vegetable Oil

Traditionally used for bruising. Should not be used on broken skin.

Common Name Arnica Infused Oil
Botanical Name Arnica montana
Method of Production: Herb infused or macerated in vegetable oil
Characteristics Traditionally used for bruising. Should not be used on broken skin.
Uses Perfect for adding to massage oil blends


Infused oils - are traditionally used for a variety of skin conditions and are made by infusing the herbs into a vegetable oil base so that the oil carries the properties of the herbs in a readily usable form. The resulting oil typically includes variable, but low concentration of the infused plant substances, making them similar in concentration to a blended massage oil. They are therefore safe to use directly on the skin and can be used alone. They can also be blended with our carrier oils to create an enriched massage or treatment oil or incorporated into skin care products.

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