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Electric Vaporiser - Sandstone -CLEARANCE

Electric Vaporiser - Sandstone -CLEARANCE
Product Code: VE_R_Sandstone
Price: $43.00 $40.00
Ex Tax: $36.36


Waterless Electric Aromatherapy Vaporiser - Sandstone

Provides the most modern and economical way of vaporising Pure Essential Oils.

It is safe, clean and efficient, automatically providing a constant low temperature which produces subtle, effective vaporisation of essential oils. They are easy to use and maintain, and they eliminate naked flames, hot oily water and messy candle wax.

With a leisurely operating temperature of only 70 degrees vaporising pure essential oils has never been Safer, Cleaner or more Efficient.


No - Naked Flame
No - Oily Hot Water
No - Over Heating
No - Messy Candle Wax

1 year manufacturer's guarantee on electrical components

Operates 24/7 for less than 4 cents a day.

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