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Aromatherapy Consultations

Aromatherapy ConsultationsAromatherapy Consultations


Aromatherapy Consultations with Wendy Mackay MIAAMA provide you with a customised aromatherapy treatment plan designed purely for you and your needs.

An aromatherapy consultation starts with a detailed discussion about your needs, health, medical history, lifestyle factors etc.  Your own unique needs, risk factors, likes and dislikes are taken into account to develop a plan to suit you in body mind and spirit.

Your treatment plan may also include general health recommendations, such as diet, exercise, relaxation etc as well as aromatherapy based tools such as your own essential oil blend, inhalers, roller balls, body oils or lotions, as appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

“As an aromatherapist I am passionate about helping people to use essential oils safely and effectively. I often answer questions from customers whether by phone or email, in store or even on Facebook!  Many questions are easily answered but some don't have a simple answer or may require a more detailed individual approach. That's where a personalised Aromatherapy Consultation can be helpful.”  Wendy Mackay MIAAMA


Aromatherapy Consultation FAQs

Why should I book an Aromatherapy Consultation? Can't I just ask you a question on line or in store?

Sure you can ask!  And I'll certainly try to answer. However not all questions come with a simple answer.  Often I may need to ask you more questions to work out what exactly would be best for you.  Remember Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy, taking into account considerations of body, mind and spirit to make sure what I recommend is right for you. It's a lot more than just this symptom = this oil.

Who would benefit from an aromatherapy consultation?

Anyone who would like a one on one discussion about what treatment is right for them. You may have a particular health or wellbeing concern. You may be newly pregnant or have received a diagnosis.  You may also be on a personal development journey and be looking for some support through the process.  You may simply like some guidance as to practices you already use to ensure they are safe for you. Or you may like to review your essential oil collection to ensure you get the most out of it!

If I book a consultation, do I have to have a massage?

No you don’t.  Many aromatherapists do perform massage as part of their treatment, but equally many do not.  A consultation is just that – An opportunity to examine your own particular needs. You will take away tailored advice for your particular situation, including recommended oils and uses and a customised products if appropriate.

How long does a consultation take?

Consultations run for either 30mins or 60mins.  I recommend a 60 minute consult for your initial visit to ensure there is plenty of time to cover all issues including making sure you understand the recommendations and feel comfortable with the treatments provided.

What should I expect at a consultation? What should I bring with me?

At a consultation we delve into your total health position, so we may examine your current health or wellbeing issues, past issues, general health, diet, sleep, lifestyle, work, hobbies or other activities, sometimes family history, current or past treatments including medications, supplements etc. You should bring along any information that may be relevant to these things, such as details of any medications, natural remedies and supplements you are currently taking. If you are wanting advice on essential oils you currently have/use, then bring details of those, or even your essential oil collection. (Depending on the size of course!)


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