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Essential Oil Usage Guidelines


These are general dilution rates for the most common methods of using essential oils -

Vaporisers and Oil Burners   

6-8 drops (with water if appropriate for your appliance)for an average room

Article - Aromatherapy Vaporation - for more information and ideas on different methods of Vaporisation

Inhalation(from tissue)

1-2 drops

Inhalation (steam)

3-4 drops in a bowl of warm water. (This method not to be used for asthmatics)


5-6 drops in a full drawn bath. Mix well just before getting in. (For Children use 2-3 drops and always mix in a carrier such as honey, oil or full cream milk before adding to bath)

Article - Aromatherapy Bathing - more information on using essential oils in the bath

Hand or Foot Bath

4 drops in a bowl of water. (Water may be warm or cool depending on application)


add 3-5 drops to every 10ml of carrier oil for adults. For Children, the elderly, during pregnancy or for sensitive skin use 2-3 drops for every 10ml of carrier oil. For babies use 1 drop of an appropriate essential oil to 10ml carrier oil.

Articles - Making your Own Massage Oil  or  Massage and Oils - with information on how to select a carrier oil and how to mix a massage oil.

Compress (water)

Use 4-7 drops of essential oils in water (water may be warm or cool depending on application) and soak a cotton cloth in the mix

Compress (oil)

Use 7-8 drops in 10ml carrier oil (dosage for adults only) and stroke over area. Insulate with plastic and warm towel.


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