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Clarity Essential Oil Blend

Clarity Essential Oil Blend
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Clarity Essential Oil Blend is the perfect blend to use to counter that late afternoon slump or to aid concentration - It makes a great study oil.  It is also reported to be ideal for inhaling to help clear a stuffy head or ease sinus congestion.

Clarity Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend contains 100% pure essential oils of -
Lemon Essential Oil - refreshing and uplifting
Basil Essential Oil – for mental stimulation and clarity of thought
Rosemary Essential Oil – the classic “brain“ oil and source of the saying “rosemary for remembrance”
Peppermint Essential Oil – refreshing, cooling and stimulating

How to Use Clarity Essential Oil Blend-
Vaporise  in an oil burner, vaporiser or ultrasonic diffuser (ideal for while studying)
- Put a few drops on a tissue and inhale (Tuck the tissue in a pocket and carry with you to breathe throughout the day
- For stuffy heads, put a drop or 2 in a bowl of hot water and inhale aromas (NB not recommended for asthma sufferers)
- See our Learn and Discover pages for more ideas on how to use our pure essential oils and essential oil blends.

 Essence of Wellbeing Oil Blends have been created for specific uses and are the result of many hours of testing combinations of different essential oils to create the most beautiful aromatic blends. Our essential oils are all high quality pure essential oils extracted using either distillation or expression. We do not use any diluted or solvent extracted oils in our blends, nor do we use any synthetic fragrance oils.

Please Note - Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends are made from pure essential oils and are therefore highly concentrated. They should not be used directly on the skin without diluting.

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