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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil
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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica) 100% Pure Essential Oil

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil provides comfort and warmth and stabilizes energies. It is useful for conditions such as exhaustion, nervous tension, anger and stress. It can also help to ease respiratory conditions. It has an astringent effect on the skin, including the scalp and hair making it useful for regulating oily skin.

The cedar from which the essential oil is extracted originated from the Lebanon cedars which grow wild in Lebanon and Cyprus. It was widely used by the ancient Egyptians and its wood was prized for building. The oil has a warming, calming, soothing action.

Common name Cedarwood Atlas
Botanical name Cedrus atlantica
Method of Extraction steam distilled
Plant Part wood
Country of Origin Morocco
Note Base
Blends well with bergamot, clary sage, cypress, rosemary, ylang ylang
Cautions Generally considered safe but may be best avoided during pregnancy.


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