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How to - Give yourself a Face Mask

A mask is a great pick me up for your skin and can leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing. And it's so simple to do! How to - Give yourself a Face Mask

You will need -

Method -

  1. Place about 1 teaspoon of clay mask in your bowl.
  2. Gradually add your liquid mixing well until you have achieved a paste similar inconsistency to toothpaste. You will need about a teaspoon of liquid but this can vary so proceed slowly.
  3. Add your extra ingredients.
  4. If necessary add a little extra liquid to achieve a texture that will spread easilyover the skin.
  5. Apply mask to the face avoiding the lips and the areas around the eyes.
  6. Leave for at least 10 minutes. (Put your feet up and relax if you can!) Note - it is not necessary for the mask to dry completely. In fact if it feels uncomfortable as it dries it is fine to spray with a little hyrosol to moisten and soften the mask.
  7. Wash off the mask with a facecloth and warm water. Rinse very well to remove all traces of mask.
  8. Lightly spray face with hydrosol (Choose the most appropriate for your skin type).
  9. Finish with your choice of moisturiser for your skin type.
  10. Enjoy how fresh, clean and soft your skin feels!

A mask is a great treat for your skin - once a week or just occasionally - and so easy to do!

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