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How to Make an Aromatherapy Room Spray

by Wendy Mackay MIAAMA


A simple alternative to conventional air fresheners.


You will need -

1 x 100ml Glass Spray Bottle

Essential Oil

Essential Oil Dispersant



To make -

Firstly select your essential oils. You may like to use a single oil (eg lavender for sleep, or lemon to refresh), or a combination (eg tea tree and lemon for an antibacterial spray or perhaps lavender and chamomile for something really relaxing). You can also use a ready mixed blend (see our Essential Oil Blends for ideas).

Place approximately 20 - 30 drops of your essential oil into the bottle. Add ΒΌ-1 teaspoon of Essential Oil Dispersant (You will need at least as much dispersant as essential oil. Swirl the bottle carefully to mix.

Top up to the shoulder of the bottle (the point near the top where the bottle just starts to narrow) with water.

Screw on the spray top and shake the mixture well to mix.

If you do not have any essential oil dispersant to hand you can make the mix with just essential oil and water. BUT remember that Essential Oils do not dissolve in water so you will need to shake the mix well every time you use it to distribute the Essential Oils.

Caution - take care when spraying the mix over plastic, varnished or painted surfaces as the essential oils can damage some finishes. A patch test in an inconspicuous place may be a good idea.

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