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How to Use - Aroma Inhalers

by Wendy Mackay MIAAMAHow to Use - Aroma Inhalers

Aroma Inhalers; Aromatherapy Inhalers; Aroma Sticks; "Sniffy" Sticks

Whatever name you may know them by, Aroma Inhalers have become immensely popular over the last couple of years.

Aroma Inhalers are used for personal inhalation. Offering a more targeted treatment than diffusers or vaporisers, they can be tailored much more to the individual needs.  They are light, portable and easy to use. They are are ideal for travelling or when you wish to use essential oils without affecting those around you.

Aroma Inhalers are generally sold "blank" or without essential oils, so that you can customise them to your own needs.

How to Prepare Your Aroma Inhaler

Each Aroma Inhaler comes in 4 parts -
1. the main body,
2. an absorbent cotton wick,
3. a cap to secure the wick inside the body, and
4. an outer cover. 

There are 2 methods to add essential oils your Aroma Inhaler. -

  1. Drop your essential oil directly onto the wick. I recommend this method when using a single essential oil or blend.

  2. Add your essential oil to a small dish and put the wick directly into this to soak up the oil.  Use tweezers or wear gloves to turn the wick to absorb all of the oil.  I recommend this method where you are making your own blend as you can mix the essential oils first ensuring they are spread evenly over the wick.

Then simply place the wick into the body of the inhaler and snap on the cap.

Aroma Inhaler FAQ

How do I use my Aroma Inhaler?

To use your Aroma Inhaler -
Unscrew and remove the cap.  Hold the inhaler beneath the nose and inhale deeply.  There is no need to insert the inhaler into the nostril - just beneath the nose will do.

Do I need to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil?

I am often asked if you need to use a carrier oil.  Whilst this is recommended for uses on the skin, for inhalation a carrier oil is not necessary.

How much essential oil Should I use in my Aroma Inhaler?

I generally suggest using 10-20 drops.  Up to 20 drops for an adult, and up to 10 for a child.  Remember these are upper limits and you can use less if you prefer. (We recommend reducing the amount used for children, the elderly, or anyone who may be particularly sensitive to essential oils.)

How long will my Aroma Inhaler last?

This depends on a few factors - how much essential oil you use, which essential oil/s you use and how often you use the inhaler.  However, generally you can expect your Aroma Inhaler to last at least a few weeks. (sometimes longer).

NOTE - This is general advice only.  If you are not sure if using an Aroma Inhaler is right for you, or if you need advice about the right essential oils or dosage for your needs, please contact myself or another qualified aromatherapist for advice.


Wendy Mackay is a qualified Aromatherapist and a member of the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA). Wendy along with her husband David is the Founder and Director of Essence of Wellbeing. Essence of Wellbeing is dedicated to the best in Aromatherapy and Pure Natural Skin Care and is located in Mornington on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

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