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Relaxation Gift Pack

Relaxation Gift Pack
Product Code: GP_R_Relaxation
Price: $56.50 $53.68
Ex Tax: $48.80

 A selection of our natural Products to help to Relax and Unwind -

Inhale the fragrance of "Relax" Essential Oil Blend in a vaporiser or oil burner,
Unwind in a warm bath with "Soothe" Bath Salts,
Then pamper all over with "Relax" Massage Oil

This gift pack includes:

1 x 10ml "Relax" Essential Oil Blend

1 x 100ml "Relax" Massage Oil

1 x 120g "Soothe" Bath Salts

Beautifully presented in a gorgeous gift box with ribbon tie.


Why Choose Essence of Wellbeing?
- Quality skin care handmade by Essence of
- Small batches for freshness, quality and
- All natural ingredients
- No synthetic ingredients, petroleum
   products, artificial colours or fragrances
- Not tested on animals


All prices displayed on this website are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Essence of Wellbeing's aromatherapy, natural skin care & beauty products all have a 100% quality guarantee

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