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Massage Oil, Carrier Oils, and Infused Oils

Essence of Wellbeing is an Australian based wholesale and retail supplier of quality massage oils, carrier oils, and infused oils.

We pride ourselves in being a leading online supplier of quality professional massage oils to massage professionals, aromatherapists, therapists, beauty & day spas, and massage schools.

Our carrier oils (or base) oils are ideal for use in making massage oil or using as base massage oil, skincare products and soapmaking. Our selection of Pure Natural Vegetable Oils are souced from trusted suppliers with each carrier oil offering  a different combination of therapeutic properties and characteristics. The choice of carrier oil will depend on the therapeutic benefit being sought, this article titled "Massage and Oils" details these carrier oils along with their properties and benefits .

Our Infused oils are pure natural vegetable Oil Infused with plants and herbs, this oils are the result of carefully infusing or macerating herbs into a carrier oil, and have healing and rejuvenating properties of both the herbs and the oils

Our aromatherapy massage oils are formulated using carrier oils and the therapeutic properties of essential oils to assist in easing muscular aches, pains, and tensions. The combination of massage and the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils both from inhaling the aroma and also being absorbed through the skin can soothe, revitalise, relax, and uplift the spirit.

Unlike other massage oil suppliers who just on-sell aromatherapy massage oils, we formulate and hand blend all our Massage Oils and as a trusted supplier of massage oils to aromatherapy practitioners and massage therapists. You can buy with confidence knowing you buying the best quality massage oils at great prices.

Buy Essence of Wellbeing Massage Oils with Confidence

Online shopping for massage oils can seem daunting when you can’t see, smell, or try them.  How do you know whether you are getting a quality product? And why should you buy Essence of Wellbeing massage oils?

With any online purchase, whilst it can be very nice to grab a bargain, generally you get what you pay for.  And that is never more true than with massge oils where the quality can vary widely. You should be able to feel confident about the quality of the oils and the company from which you are purchasing, not just that they are the cheapest. You should always be able to ask questions, get advice from qualified people and feel comfortable that they know, understand and have confidence in the quality of their products.

At our online listings provide full details of our massage oils, we want our customers to feel fully informed and confident about their online purchase. 

Essence of Wellbeing is not only an online presence but also has a physical showroom. Personal callers are very welcome to visit our Mornington showroom where we have testers available for all our massage oil products so you can see, smell and try before you buy.

Essence of Wellbeing is a trusted supplier to massage professionals, aromatherapists, therapists, beauty & day spas, massage schools, and more, so you rest assured that we only source and sell quality massage oils. 

We are happy for you to contact us with any questions you may have and our qualified aromatherapist Wendy is also available to help with information and advice. You will find our full contact details including phone, email, mailing address as well as the address and directions to our showroom on our website.

We stand behind the quality of all of our massage oils, which is why we are able to offer a 100% quality guarantee so you can feel confident every time you purchase from Essence of Wellbeing.

We have everything to cater for your massage oil needs:

- Professional Aromatherapy Massage Oils

- Vegetable Carrier Oils

- Infused Oils

Buy Australia's best Aromatherapy Massage Oils, Carrier Oils, and Infused Oils Online Today! 

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