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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter
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Common Name - Cocoa Butter

Botanical Name - Theobroma cacao


Cocoa Butter is a hard pale yellow fat extracted from the cacao bean.

Cocoa Butter has hydrating & moisturising properties, is gentle on the skin, & is easily absorbed  - it is suitable for use with all skin types.

Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature, but melts at body temperature, it contains natural antioxidants and has wonderful moisturizing properties for the skin. It has high stability and is widely used in many beauty & cosmetic products.

It has a mild sweet chocolate flavour and aroma and is even used in making high quality chocolate as well as in the pharmaceutical and skin care industry.

Our Cocoa Butter has a mild chocolate aroma and melts gently on contact with the skin.


It can be a beneficial addition in a range of skin and body care products including
- creams and lotions, especially for dry skin or for pregnant tummies & stretch marks
- hair products
- soaps
- balms


If you are looking for a larger size of Cocoa Butter that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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