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What is My Skin Type?

What is my skintype?

Understanding what your skin type is the key to choosing the right skin care. And the right skin care for your skin type is the key to healthy-looking glowing skin. But how do you know what skin type you have? Read on to find out, and to find which Essence of Wellbeing products are best for you.

Normal Skin
If you have normal skin, you are very lucky! Normal skin is the least problematic, being well-balanced, smooth and with no blemishes. It tends to have no areas of excess oiliness or dryness and has a beautiful fine texture. It looks like the skin of young children, and many will have such skin when young. However few of us are blessed to take this type of skin far into adulthood! But remember that even normal skin can change over time or be affected by seasonal changes. So treating your skin well will protect it from the elements and help it to continue to look good as you age.

Skin Care for Normal Skin should – gently cleanse and protect skin from the elements (Click Here to see our recommended products for Normal Skin)

Dry Skin
Dry skin is very common as the skin naturally produces less natural oils as we age. So many other skin types may find their skin developing dry skin characteristics as they get older. Unfortunately although dry skin can look smooth and fine textured when young, it is more prone to lines and wrinkles with age. Dry skin tends to have a dull appearance and may become flaky or chap easily. It will feel tight after washing and can be prone to broken capillaries and may become irritated. Skin care that replenishes and nourishes the skin will help it to maintain its elasticity and protect from the elements.

Skin Care for Dry Skin should – be very gentle in cleansing and deeply nourishing to replenish oils not being naturally produced by the skin (Click Here to see our recommended products for Dry Skin)

Oily Skin
Oily skin produces more oil than it needs, leaving it with a shiny look and feeling greasy to the touch. Oily skin tends to have a coarse texture with large pores and a tendency suffer from  blemishes, blackheads or acne. The good news about oily skin, though, is that it is not as susceptible to aging, lines or wrinkles. Taking care with diet and using light skin care is the key to dealing with oily skin. It is important though to resist the temptation to over-cleanse, as this can inadvertently cause the skin to step up oil production, and worsen the problem. Using gentle but effective skin care will help to cleanse and control oily skin.

Skin Care for Oily Skin should – thoroughly but gently cleanse skin, to avoid encouraging increased oil production, protect and refine texture (Click Here to see our recommended products for Oily Skin)

Combination Skin
Combination skin has patches which are oily and other patches that are normal or dry. Usually dry patches will occur more on the cheeks and around the eyes, with oily areas located in the T-zone comprising the forehead, nose and sometimes the chin.
Combination skin can be susceptible to blackheads and other blemishes in the oily areas and will frequently have dilated pores in these areas. Other areas will be more finely textured. Ideally different areas should receive skin care particular to their needs.

Skin Care for Combination Skin should gently cleanse, gently remove excess oil from affected areas and nourish dry areas to help to encourage skin to a state of balance (Click Here to see our recommended products for Combination Skin)

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin requires special care when choosing skin care. Such skin tends to be pale and finely textured.  It reacts badly to many cosmetics and may also be sensitive to sun or  to extreme temperatures. There is a tendency to become inflamed or irritated and to develop red blotches, broken capillaries and other blemishes. Skin is usually fine textured and tends to be dry, due to the lack of natural oils which normally would protect it.

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin – needs to be very gentle, protective and nourishing. Although very gentle exfoliators and masks can be used, they should be used sparingly (Click Here to see our recommended products for Sensitive Skin)

Mature Skin
Mature skin shows signs of age, and these signs may be made worse or appear earlier due to the effects of sun exposure or smoking, or even the position in which you sleep. Most signs of aging occur due to gravity and the fact that as you get older the skin tends to produce less of the natural oils which kept your skin looking fresh and supple when you were younger. Mature skin will tend to show expression lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes, nose and mouth. Skin around the eyes will look loose or slack. The complexion generally appears thinner or more dull due to decreased natural moisture and capillaries may become more visible.

Skin Care for Mature Skin – needs to be deeply nourishing to replenish the natural oils and moisture which may be lacking in the skin (Click Here to see our recommended products for Mature Skin)

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